B2B Marketing Customer Interviews: Make Your Customer Your Superstar

Truth be told, your customer is just like anyone that you already know of.

Your customer loves making a difference, they enjoy success.

They just love talking about the benefits that came as a result of their decision.

Having a signature on the things that helped their business to reduce cost, improve productivity or increase sales…

It’s like Christmas. What a joy.

They did that thanks to you.

You have helped them along the way. Your product or your solution empowered your customer to get there.

The question is it only you and the team who knows about this success or did you already make a plan to make the big announcement to the world so that your existing and prospect customer also knows about it?

Put Your Customer Under the Spotlight

Relationships make the whole difference in the world of business. If you have good relationships you win, no doubt about that.

It is no longer about products.

It is about the people you know.

It is about the relationships you build.

If you have a customer who is happy to work with you then congratulations! You are in the champions league!

You might be the coach, or the trainer or a member of the team. Regardless of your role, what matters is you’ve helped to make that happen.

Now it is time to celebrate!

It is time to get that champion to make a toast. It is time to celebrate you. It is time for your customer to talk about your role in that achievement.

Who doesn’t like to be under the spotlight when there is a success story to tell?

Many times when your customer is happy about the outcome of your products or services, they talk about it.

They talk about it with their bosses, their friends and family.

People congratulate them, saying what a great job they did. But there aren’t really many conversations going on about you. No need to get upset about it. With this toast, you can change things around. This is your chance.

Put your customer under the spotlight and let them do the talking. Make your customer a hero. A hero who has bought your product, implemented your solution or used your service and achieved results.

Look where they are now.

Who can talk about your business, what you do, how you differentiate and help making a difference better then your customer?

So how do you do that?

Well, simple. Interview them.

There are many other ways to get this story out there but those can involve a couple of decision-makers or the processes can take some time.

But for an interview, you just need your customer’s time, that one person’s time for an interview. That’s it.

Customer testimonials mean the world to your business

One customer testimonial means a thousand words.

Let them talk about your product, let them talk about their challenges, their issues and how you came into the picture and changed everything.

Let them draw the big picture for your audience.

Your prospects… Your customers… Your competitors… Your audience…

Let them paint a big rainbow where you can see all the colors, all the things you’ve brought to their business… All the added value… All the amazing things…

Ask the right questions and remember it is not about you, it is about your customers

Get prepared. Spend time on your interviewee. Take a look at their LinkedIn profile, see the posts they like, check out their background, their position. Know everything about their responsibilities and their role.

Make sure your questions are not about your products specifically. Remember it is their time to shine. This is the time where you put the spotlight on them.

They will tell their story from their perspective, you’ll note. Work on your content. Make it a remarkable piece. But you won’t ask them like “Can you please talk about how amazing our X product is”. This is a big NO.

You can ask questions like: “What was the biggest challenge you’ve had before you’ve made the decision to work with us?” or “What was the most amazing outcome of your decision of working with us?” Play around these types of questions.

It is still about you. But you don’t say it is about you.

After all, it is their story, but you play a huge part in it.

Just go with the flow of the answers. Let your customer tell their story from their perspective.

Your customer is your key to word of mouth marketing

When your audience reads this piece, they’ll say “OK, great. So X company did this, achieved that, got these results. They have been through the whole journey, they are happy. So, why don’t we give it a shot?”

Maybe this won’t be the case for everyone. But they will talk about it.

That’s for sure.

When you publish your interview they will share it as well. They will be the ones promoting your products, your company in behalf of you. It won’t be you.

And your audience would love to hear their story other than the one that you tell.

They love to hear what they have to say about the challenges they’ve had and how you’ve helped them. They want to hear it from another customer not from the seller.

In the end, your customer will do the talking for you.

This will give you the key to word of mouth marketing.

This will bring you many things: more engagement on social media, a lot more links on your website, a lot more talking, increased brand awareness and leads.

Let your customer do the talking.

Make your customer your superstar.

Your Elvis.

Let them shine.

Let them thrive.

Let them open the doors for you.

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